Dev Update: Limiting Myself

As of now, I haven’t made any real progress on my game. I’ve just got bits and pieces here and there of story, level design, art, and mechanics laid out, but the picture still barely resembles a skeleton. That’s okay, I realize, but I feel as though I’m holding myself back when I look at […]

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Splatoon 2

… or as they should have titled it, Spla2oon. Before Splatoon 2, I’d only ever admired inklings from the strange, mildly creepy distance of my tumblr dashboard. I never got to know the joys of being both kid AND squid, so when I got my Switch I immediately knew I had to get my hands […]

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Moral Dilemma: Free Will

Does free will even exist? I could start today by pulling some of my Philosophy 101 knowledge out and dusting it off, but I won’t trouble you with that. So, on the pretense that we do have free will: is it morally wrong to take the free will of another we consider evil and forcing […]

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On the Fence: Final Fantasy XII

Yesterday, July 11, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age was released on PlayStation 4. That is, re-released. Originally a PlayStation 2 title, this entry in the Final Fantasy series is probably my second favorite (behind Final Fantasy IX- I’m still waiting on the remaster announcement, Square Enix) and with good reason.  Final Fantasy is basically […]

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On the Fence: Nintendo Switch

Since March 3rd, the Nintendo Switch has been a hot topic. I often answer the phone at work expecting to finish my spiel with “and we are out the Nintendo Switch company-wide,” just because it sells so quickly. I went on about the Switch in an earlier article mostly ranting about the issues with Nintendo […]

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