Revisiting a Classic: The N’Sane Trology

I don’t know you’re gaming history, but if you had a PlayStation (I’m talking #1), then you probably played or at least heard about the crazy orange marsupial, Crash Bandicoot. I remember playing the Crash games as a child, and being afraid of the boulder levels- so much so that I would hand the controller off to my father so he could play the levels while I hid behind the couch (I’m not kidding). 

Crash Bandicoot: The N’Sane Trilogy released less than a week ago and has already been a Crash, er, smash hit. Many adults are replaying the games and introducing their children to the classic 90s mascot platformer, and many that were a bit young to play the game when it came out 21 years ago are getting into it for the first time. 

I know I went on a small rant about nostalgia earlier, but this is the exception. Crash Bandicoot literally remade the games. The characters look extremely good, the levels are exactly as I remembered them, and the boulder levels are just as anxiety-inducing (although I can play them without hiding behind furniture now). This isn’t bad, and this isn’t lazy of the developers-this is responding to the cries of many. 

Playing through the trilogy has been exciting and incredibly refreshing. Not many games play like that anymore, and going back to a game that got me into video games is an absolute blast. Plus, since I played the games around 16 years ago, it almost feels like playing a game that’s new to the market. 

If you have a PlayStation 4 I highly recommend the N’Sane Trilogy. I don’t care if you’ve played the games before-just go out and get them. It’s $40, you get three games, and a whole lot of gameplay hours. 

What are you waiting for? 


6 thoughts on “Revisiting a Classic: The N’Sane Trology

  1. It was starting to get embarrassing how many game over screens I had to sit through while playing through Crash 1. I don’t remember the game being so difficult when I was a kid. But I’m glad Vicarious Visions didn’t compromise and make the original Crash any easier. For better or worse, they stayed true to the original design and that is commendable. I’m going to complete as much as I can in Crash 1 before I move on to the second game, but I’m shaking just thinking about the time trial on The High Road. If I could beat all the Souls games, surely, I can overcome Crash Bandicoot…right?

    What I’m most excited about is the possibility of Vicarious Visions remastering the Spyro Trilogy. Seeing how Activision already owns the Spyro license, and Vicarious Visions has proven they can do an old Playstation Classic Justice, it’s the logical next step.


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