A Physician got Me Gaming

My sister is currently 26, has her Juris Doctorate, and practices law in Georgia. She intends to take the New York bar exam in hopes of passing the universal bar in 2018. Hearing this, you wouldn’t think that she cared about games, or even had time to play games, right? But she, and her childhood […]

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Stardew Valley

“Then it came out on the Nintendo Switch on October 5th, and let me tell you: I’ve never been so excited for a port of a game. Portable Stardew Valley? Sign me up! Pressing ‘New Game’ on the Nintendo Switch was far more satisfying than I could have expected…”

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Let’s Talk Text

I’d like to take a moment to take a step back from directly analyzing games, tropes, and development issues and talk once more about my personal life. This time around it’s more current: e-books. Specifically McGraw-Hill Connect. I recently changed my major from Software Engineering to Computer Information Systems, which is in my university’s business […]

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