A Physician got Me Gaming

My sister is currently 26, has her Juris Doctorate, and practices law in Georgia. She intends to take the New York bar exam in hopes of passing the universal bar in 2018. Hearing this, you wouldn’t think that she cared about games, or even had time to play games, right? But she, and her childhood […]

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Rage Quit: Ready Player One

I told my father on my way to the theatre that I was “ready to be angry.” If you’re going into the theatre expecting some To Kill A Mockingbird-level book-to-film adaptation, turn around, go sit in your car, and cry.

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2017, Meet 2018. It’s Here to Replace You.

For many of us as gamers, our “New Year” celebration is 2-4 days long sometime in June or July, and we’ve lovingly called it E3. During those few glorious days we learn of new games, get fun tidbits of upcoming games that we were already pretty excited for, and bear with the disappointment of realizing the games we truly desired were probably delayed… again (looking at you, Kingdom Hearts 3).

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A Note to Parents:

While talking with these parents, and specifically those of younger children, they ask what educational games are available for XYZ system. Truth be told, there aren’t many, if there are any at all, and that’s kind of a big deal.

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